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【Skyline Special Project】More than Boba- Meet Startup Founder and CEO from Taiwan: dofuntrip

“Make Travel Become an Extension of Wonderful Life” dofuntrip is different from other travel websites, focusing on introducing different islands. Besides basic travel information, such as traffic and tourist attractions, dofuntrip puts efforts on sharing unique local customs and stories, which makes travelers have a better understanding of local culture and respect it. By provinding in-depth traveling recommendations with local stories, dofuntrip gives travellers opportunities to make connections with local and find their travelling mode.

Create an opportunity to visit Orchid Island: 

Deygas is a fan of the ocean and has an interest in diving. When he is diving, the world becomes really quiet, and it feels like being a baby living in Mom’s uterus. He used to go diving, fishing in Orchid Island, and made lots of friends. When going back to Orchid after several years working and traveling, he fell in love with this island again. Founded “dofuntrip” is an opportunity for him to frequently visit the island. Additionally, he aims to utilize business power to achieve social innovation, in order to keep the local culture instead of commercialization.

Make Islands become where 10 thousand people want to go hundred times instead of one visiting:

At the beginning, “dofuntrip” only built a website, zazawanzine, focusing on Orchid Island. Then, different websites were built for other islands, from national to international. On zazawanzine, there are plans for local culture experiences, tribe tours, etc. During the campaign development, the interactions with locals were critical; however, it took some time for team and locals to understand each other. “Make Islands become where 10 thousand people want to go a hundred times instead of one visiting.” This is the goal that prevents them from being beaten by reality. To make travellers want to visit the island again, creating strong connections by in-depth understanding of local culture is important. 


Not only providing information for islands, “dofuntrip” is planning to expand the business to Taitung, Tainan, Pingtung. Under the pandemic, they reorganize the business’s direction and draw up some new plans. For example, environment-friendly B&B, aiming to require B&B to take actions on protecting the environment by letting them publish themselves on dofuntrip’s websites without charge. Plenty of campaigns will be launched in the future, such as festivals in Orchid Island and Green Island.  Let us have in-depth knowledge about the island from the environment perspective, and appeal to travelers in a different way. “dofuntrip” also plans to cooperate with overseas travel websites to introduce Taiwans’ islands to foreigners. Overseas traveling guidelines are on their way, it could be Thaiteaholic, phoholic, or sushiholic:))

environment vs. travel:

Did you know that the cost of garbage disposal in outlying islands is seven times more than in cities in Taiwan? Decreasing garbage is the fundamental method to protect the environment. “dofuntrip” promotes the idea of responsible travel, including using reusable food ware and bringing trash back home. Lots of factors are hazards to oceans, such as microbeads, the tiny bits of plastic that decompose from shampoo. To decrease these pollution, taking responsible travel is a simple way to protect the environment. 

Mandarin version please find: https://blog.skyline.tw/skyline特別企劃:老闆請回答!那些你不知道的新創大-2/

Authors: Skyline overseas ambassadors Madeline Wang (王欣), Ingrid Liao (廖純伶), Mandy Tsai (蔡旻諠)



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